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The Blaze Box Co

The Blaze Box 1.0

The Blaze Box 1.0

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Hotbox anywhere with your new Blaze Box!

Maximum Saturation Design: The Blaze Box 1.0 is designed to give you enough leg room down below, and concentrate the smoke towards your head level up top, allowing for greater smoke saturation.

Easy Set-Up/Take Down: Can be set up or taken down in less than 60 seconds.

Custom Ventilation: 4 double-zippered panels allow the user to customize the ventilation style.

Carry and Go: Comes with an easy carry storage bag, allowing you to bring the hotbox anywhere!

Quality: Created using lightweight and durable materials.



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The Blaze Box can be unpacked and set up in less than 60 seconds! A pyramid design allows the smoke to gather at the top, without sacrificing leg room at the bottom. Water resistant exterior and flooring makes for easy cleanup when the time comes!

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- Not only is The Blaze Box comfortable, but its also portable!

- The Blaze Box can be set up and taken down in less than 60 seconds, saving you hassle and allowing you to bring the hotbox anywhere.

- Each Blaze Box also comes with an easy carry storage bag equipped with shoulder straps for easy carrying.


- Each Blaze Box is easy to fill without feeling squished inside!

- The Blaze Box is designed to hold smoke at the top, while leaving comfortable room towards the bottom.

- Multiple venting areas allows you to modify your Blaze Box to allow or restrict air flow!


- Each Blaze Box is bulit to withstand multiple sessions before needing cleaning.

- Water resistant material makes cleanup simple when the time comes. Clenaing can be done by using any simple dish soap and a water hose. After wash, leave it out to air dry.